Proud mamma?

On Fridays my 2 year old son and I attend a Mommy & Me class at Newburyport Montessori School.  Today he was feeding me pretend apples when he announced, “these apples aren’t organic so they are not good.”  Ah the pride and embarrassment all rolled into one…

Earth friendly dry cleaning is as easy as opening the front door

Today we had a pleasant, surprise visit from a dry cleaning company.  I met Gene from Nor’east Cleaners who explained that they’re in our town two days a week for pick-ups and drop offs.  Dry cleaning service without leaving home or having to make another stop with my toddler…perfect!  But the real bonus is they’re […]

Beef bravado?

First farmers’ market of the season has arrived!  As we walked around visiting vendors there was a sense of anticipation in the air.  Could everyone else sense the bountiful potential that will soon be upon us as the season gets underway?  Or was it only me all giddy that finally, FINALLY feeding my family in […]

In our schools?

When the news hit it went viral.  “Pink slime” has been part of the beef fed to countless students across the country.  With all the things that parents have to worry about, in my opinion, this should not be one of them.  I was envious when a friend of mine mentioned that the superintendent of […]

Asking questions

Back in March there was much media attention about what has been termed “pink slime”, an industrial slurry of beef scraps and connective tissue that is mixed into ground beef products. This “slime”, as well as other beef products, is treated with ammonia hydroxide to remove E. coli and Salmonella.  As a result all across […]

How it all began…

I can’t remember exactly when it all began.  It was likely around the time I started practicing and teaching yoga, that I became more aware of the health of the Earth and my role in it.  It was also around the same time that foods I ate regularly began to loose their appeal.  That’s the […]