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Dyeing to try it

Dyeing to try it

My experience has been that once you make even one change towards a healthier, more sustainable life style the seed is planted for countless others to follow.  So as we began to anticipate Spring’s arrival I started thinking about our Easter tradition of coloring eggs.  The thought of putting a tiny tablet in a mug […]

Note to self

about next year’s garden: Three stakes for EACH tomato plant not just the heirlooms.  I found a surprise when I went out to the garden for some lettuce for tonight’s dinner.  My Sun Gold Tomato plant was lying on the ground attached to a snapped stake!  Thankfully the plant was not harmed and is now […]

Nothing better

than watching your toddler pause his play to pick a Sun Gold tomato from the garden and pop it in his mouth.  Smiles all around!

One less box in the pantry

My husband can be a tough food critic.  So when I decided to try my hand at making cereal I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  Not to be deterred I found a recipe for granola and, with a few ingredient tweaks, made a batch.  I put the finished product in the pantry where […]

Sweetened by the sun

Last night I received a comment from a loving grandmother who clearly cares about the health and well being of her grandchildren.  She’s searching for healthy popsicles now that the warm weather is once again here.  I would never have thought about posting about our “pops” and am thankful for the idea!  I make these […]

Time to shake it up

My Vitamix arrived today…yippee!  One step closer to eating more whole foods easier.  I’ve wanted one for years but could never justify the cost.  Well now that I’m making bread and hope to grind my own flour, growing a garden with spinach in it for raw food smoothies, and the endless frozen pops I seem […]