Vegetable Garden

Our organic vegetable garden

Note to self

about next year’s garden: Three stakes for EACH tomato plant not just the heirlooms.  I found a surprise when I went out to the garden for some lettuce for tonight’s dinner.  My Sun Gold Tomato plant was lying on the ground attached to a snapped stake!  Thankfully the plant was not harmed and is now […]

Nothing better

than watching your toddler pause his play to pick a Sun Gold tomato from the garden and pop it in his mouth.  Smiles all around!

Five weeks later...

Five weeks later…

Meatless any day just got tastier

When word first started trickling down about “Meatless Mondays” I didn’t give the idea too much thought.  Before I had my son I rarely ate red meat.  But while I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of it!  Funny how the body tells you exactly what it needs.  Now we eat 100% grass fed ground […]

Three weeks later…

Two weeks later

And five days of rain.  

Two days later…

and our garden is almost completed.  Yesterday I visited the HERB FARMacy in Salisbury, MA and what a great place!   They are a local, certified organic plant farm that I came across at the Newburyport Farmers’ Market.  So the bed is ready to go and I know what we want to have in it but […]