Winter I fear you not.  Bring on the Elderberry Syrup.

Winter I fear you not. Bring on the Elderberry Syrup.

While it’s not technically winter just yet the sub 30 degree mornings make it feel as if it is.  It’s no secret that I find little joy in saying good-bye to the warm, mild days and I’m still working on embracing and making my peace with November to March.  It’s time to bundle up and […]

It’s almost that time of year! Local CSA options…

Last year I posted part of this article under All CSAs are not created equal part II however I thought it worth posting again and including all our local options.  You can visit each farm’s website for a complete crop listing.  Please note that the prices and pick up days and times may have changed.  […]



Five months ago we needed to have a tree taken down.  As soon as the wind kicked up, be it rain, shine or snow, we watched from the house with fingers crossed that this tree would hold it’s ground.  With each storm another limb would fall and we soon learned that there was nothing we […]

Bending the rules?

Bending the rules?

Or simply following one?  One of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules is to enjoy treats, sweets and other scrumptious eats once in a while.  So on those special occasions I bend the rules.  And when our little trucker turned three there was no better way to celebrate than like this… And yes, there was some left […]

First Sun Gold Tomato

For someone who has never had their own garden…

this is so exciting!

Ready to make DIRT!

When we purchased our home a compost bin came with it.  It has sat empty for the past four years.  Each spring when the local farms burst with produce and my trips to the grocery stores are few and far between, I look at that bin and feel guilty that I have yet to take […]

In our schools?

When the news hit it went viral.  “Pink slime” has been part of the beef fed to countless students across the country.  With all the things that parents have to worry about, in my opinion, this should not be one of them.  I was envious when a friend of mine mentioned that the superintendent of […]

How it all began…

I can’t remember exactly when it all began.  It was likely around the time I started practicing and teaching yoga, that I became more aware of the health of the Earth and my role in it.  It was also around the same time that foods I ate regularly began to loose their appeal.  That’s the […]