Simple pleasures such as making these can make my day so bright!

Home making it…

I dislike chemicals. Actually that’s being kind. I loath chemicals. I’m talking the unnecessary ones. The ones that have no place disrupting our hormones, poisoning our foods and erroneously making their way into our precious bodies. So when I pull out the homemade tick repellant I embrace the eye roll of my teenage daughter. I’m […]

Sweetened by the sun

Last night I received a comment from a loving grandmother who clearly cares about the health and well being of her grandchildren.  She’s searching for healthy popsicles now that the warm weather is once again here.  I would never have thought about posting about our “pops” and am thankful for the idea!  I make these […]

Meatless any day just got tastier

When word first started trickling down about “Meatless Mondays” I didn’t give the idea too much thought.  Before I had my son I rarely ate red meat.  But while I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of it!  Funny how the body tells you exactly what it needs.  Now we eat 100% grass fed ground […]