For the Birds!  Pinecone Feeders.

For the Birds! Pinecone Feeders.

Cross post from Soulicious Foods “It’s not only about the granola”. We have a birds’ nest right outside our porch. Each Spring Penelope and Carlos, endearingly named by my children, return to this warm weather home of theirs and gift us not only with their presence, but also by allowing us to bear witness to […]

And there goes the dishwasher gel...

And there goes the dishwasher gel…

What does it say about the person I’ve become that I get so incredibly excited, I’m talking OVER THE MOON giddy, about another environmentally and economically friendly DIY product that not only actually works but produces better results than the big brand product I’ve been using?  Others may call me crazy however I LOVE throwing […]

Dyeing to try it

Dyeing to try it

My experience has been that once you make even one change towards a healthier, more sustainable life style the seed is planted for countless others to follow.  So as we began to anticipate Spring’s arrival I started thinking about our Easter tradition of coloring eggs.  The thought of putting a tiny tablet in a mug […]

Wouldn't it be nice

Wouldn’t it be nice

If labels like this were the norm instead of the exception? Or better yet, simply not needed because we could trust that all products with harmful ingredients, such as GMOs, pesticides and livestock raised on hormones or antibiotics, were labeled instead? Thank you Alden’s for offering a product that I can give my children, conscience […]

Note to self

about next year’s garden: Three stakes for EACH tomato plant not just the heirlooms.  I found a surprise when I went out to the garden for some lettuce for tonight’s dinner.  My Sun Gold Tomato plant was lying on the ground attached to a snapped stake!  Thankfully the plant was not harmed and is now […]

Nothing better

than watching your toddler pause his play to pick a Sun Gold tomato from the garden and pop it in his mouth.  Smiles all around!

One less box in the pantry

My husband can be a tough food critic.  So when I decided to try my hand at making cereal I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  Not to be deterred I found a recipe for granola and, with a few ingredient tweaks, made a batch.  I put the finished product in the pantry where […]

Five weeks later...

Five weeks later…

Meatless any day just got tastier

When word first started trickling down about “Meatless Mondays” I didn’t give the idea too much thought.  Before I had my son I rarely ate red meat.  But while I was pregnant I couldn’t get enough of it!  Funny how the body tells you exactly what it needs.  Now we eat 100% grass fed ground […]

Why it’s all so important to me

The food we eat has a direct impact on our health and well being. The way it’s sourced has a direct impact on the health and well being of the Earth. Here are a few reasons why, to the best of my ability, I choose to feed my family foods that are: Non-GMO: Genetically Modified […]