Earth Friendly Products

For the Birds!  Pinecone Feeders.

For the Birds! Pinecone Feeders.

Cross post from Soulicious Foods “It’s not only about the granola”. We have a birds’ nest right outside our porch. Each Spring Penelope and Carlos, endearingly named by my children, return to this warm weather home of theirs and gift us not only with their presence, but also by allowing us to bear witness to […]

And there goes the dishwasher gel...

And there goes the dishwasher gel…

What does it say about the person I’ve become that I get so incredibly excited, I’m talking OVER THE MOON giddy, about another environmentally and economically friendly DIY product that not only actually works but produces better results than the big brand product I’ve been using?  Others may call me crazy however I LOVE throwing […]

Clean ingredients and reusable containers.

Ridiculously easy DIY laundry detergent

I truly never thought I’d go this far.  Never imagined I’d be using baking soda to clean a bathtub or vinegar to make my stainless appliances shine.  However gradually it happened.  One by one the name brand bottles are being used for my homemade brews.  And I have my eye on the ones that remain.  […]

Simple pleasures such as making these can make my day so bright!

Home making it…

I dislike chemicals. Actually that’s being kind. I loath chemicals. I’m talking the unnecessary ones. The ones that have no place disrupting our hormones, poisoning our foods and erroneously making their way into our precious bodies. So when I pull out the homemade tick repellant I embrace the eye roll of my teenage daughter. I’m […]

The hidden gifts of natural dyed eggs...

The hidden gifts of natural dyed eggs…

When I set out to color Easter eggs this morning with my four year old son, I was unaware of the lessons that the process may be teaching him. At first it was simply about creating memories and instilling a yearly tradition. You may recall that last year was our first attempt at making our […]

Dyeing to try it

Dyeing to try it

My experience has been that once you make even one change towards a healthier, more sustainable life style the seed is planted for countless others to follow.  So as we began to anticipate Spring’s arrival I started thinking about our Easter tradition of coloring eggs.  The thought of putting a tiny tablet in a mug […]

Why it’s all so important to me

The food we eat has a direct impact on our health and well being. The way it’s sourced has a direct impact on the health and well being of the Earth. Here are a few reasons why, to the best of my ability, I choose to feed my family foods that are: Non-GMO: Genetically Modified […]

Update: earth friendly dry cleaning

Today my husband wore one of his shirts cleaned by the eco conscious cleaners Nor’east and he couldn’t tell the difference between it and the ones from our previously used dry cleaners.  Yes “previously used”.  If he can’t tell the difference and has no preference than it’s the eco-friendly option for us.  And it also […]

Earth friendly dry cleaning is as easy as opening the front door

Today we had a pleasant, surprise visit from a dry cleaning company.  I met Gene from Nor’east Cleaners who explained that they’re in our town two days a week for pick-ups and drop offs.  Dry cleaning service without leaving home or having to make another stop with my toddler…perfect!  But the real bonus is they’re […]