And there goes the dishwasher gel…

What does it say about the person I’ve become that I get so incredibly excited, I’m talking OVER THE MOON giddy, about another environmentally and economically friendly DIY product that not only actually works but produces better results than the big brand product I’ve been using?  Others may call me crazy however I LOVE throwing out the old and welcoming in what I believe is the sensible.

Move over…


And say hello to…


Today was the test.  Finally a fully loaded dishwasher, the soap scooped into the dispenser, the settings ready, the door shut.  The agonizing wait, the plea for no spots and the hope that one more plastic bottle will be off our grocery list.  The moment arrives, the dishwasher door opened, the pure joy of seeing a sparkling sea of glass, stainless steel and ceramic within and the giddiness of success.  These are the simple pleasures that make me so incredibly happy!  And how can I not dream of Soulicious Foods one day introducing a back to basics line of cleaning products that are good for you and the environment?


2 cups Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soap

1/2 cup Citric Acid (I chose a non-GMO brand)

1/2 cup Kosher Salt

20 – 30 drops Lemon Essential Oil (optional) – my DIY goddess friend uses orange and lemon oils in her mix.

Combine and store in a glass mason jar. Fill your soap dispenser as you normally do, pour white vinegar in the rinse aid dispenser and enjoy the lemon scent filling your kitchen and the beautiful results!

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