Back in the saddle

I got sick, I got distracted, I continued to advocate for what I believe in, I thought about writing, I procrastinated, I thought about it again, I finally sat down and started typing and now here I am.

Last August I found myself sidetracked with Lyme Disease.  Thankfully it was caught early.  I took the necessary medicine and energetically expelled the Lyme from my system.  Thank you Rebecca for taking care of the latter part of that equation!  My hope is that I’m better for the experience.  Between then and now so much has happened.

We re-elected a president, a GMO labeling ballot initiative was defeated, a horrible event taking the lives of 20 beautiful children and six of their care givers occurred and I was simply one of millions whose life was forever changed.  I started advocating for strict gun control laws and continue to do so.  And while I long to live in a country where only the military and protective forces carry weapons that will never be ours.   That leaves me with two choices.  Continue to advocate for the strictest gun control laws possible within the constraints of our constitution or move my family to Australia where there are enough hurdles in place to achieve gun ownership that it’s simply easier not to have one.  The seed for moving has been planted and in the meantime I continue to let everyone who will listen know where I stand on the issue.  I believe there is a revolution in progress and I’m proud to be one of thousands of moms involved with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  Please join our efforts.

Another revolution is in progress.  Slowly people are being educated about the adverse affects of GMOs.  Although the ballot initiative to label all GMO products sold in California was lost this past November it ignited a fire of advocacy and education.  Despite millions of dollars spent by big biotechnology companies and food manufacturers to defeat the initiative the movement by no means was stymied.  Currently VT and ME have pending legislation that is showing encouraging signs of making it into law and just today Whole Foods announced that by 2018 they will require all GMO foods sold in their store be labeled.  The tide has turned and there is no looking back.  Our calls are affecting change.  How we spend our food dollars is affecting change. The emails we send both advocating for GMO labeling and thanking those who champion our cause are affecting change.  So right now I’m going to email Whole Foods.  I’m going to thank them for taking the lead and honoring that we all have the right to know what’s in our food and to make our own decisions as to whether or not those foods meet the health and safety standards we set for our families.  I’m going to thank them for honoring the environment and the integrity of our food supply because when all is said and done that is what this is about.  And then I’m going to ask them to put action behind their words now and support the numerous state legislative efforts currently underway.  I’d be thrilled if you did the same.

It’s great to be back and I look forward to sharing our journey once again.  Peace…

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