Note to self

about next year’s garden:

    • Three stakes for EACH tomato plant not just the heirlooms.  I found a surprise when I went out to the garden for some lettuce for tonight’s dinner.  My Sun Gold Tomato plant was lying on the ground attached to a snapped stake!  Thankfully the plant was not harmed and is now attached to a back up stake.  Stakes supporting two other plants are no longer vertical.  Here’s hoping my fixes do the trick.  Fingers crossed…
    • Plant regular summer squash instead of crook neck.  Crook neck is much more seedy and tough.  Not ideal for our Garden Fresh Nachos.
    • Learn how to care for spinach and zucchini plants.  Mine did not make it.
    • Basil needs space.

I have no doubt I’ll be adding to this list.


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