One less box in the pantry

My husband can be a tough food critic.  So when I decided to try my hand at making cereal I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  Not to be deterred I found a recipe for granola and, with a few ingredient tweaks, made a batch.  I put the finished product in the pantry where the cereal boxes used to be and waited.  So this morning as my kids and I were having breakfast Chris joined us with a bowl of cereal.  As I watched him take that first spoonful I took a deep breath…held it…and held it…until finally the moment of truth arrived.  It passed!  Success!  Such relief since I often feel that my family has little choice but to come along for this ride.  Some changes are effortless while others accepted grudgingly.  It’s always rewarding when one falls happily into the former category and today one more has.

Next up?  Weaning my daughter off packaged instant oatmeal…

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