Still on our own…at least for now

Today the U.S. Senate did not do right by the American people.  Senator Sanders tried to honor our right to know what is in our foods by introducing an amendment to the Farm Bill that would give each state the right to require GMO labeling.  In Senator Sanders’ words:

“I believe that when a mother goes to the store and purchases food for her child, she has the right to know what she is feeding her child.  It’s no mystery why Monsanto would fight people’s right to know.  Clearly they have a lot to protect.”

He added:

So this is good in 49 or more countries around the world why is it not acceptable in the United States of America and the answer is pretty simple.  That we have a large powerful multi-national corporation who is more concerned about their own profits that they are about allowing the American people to know what is in the food that they are eating.”

In a past life I was a lobbyist and this is, in part, why I walked away.

One of my senators voted in favor.  One voted against.  Guess which one will not get my vote in November?

Despite today’s vote I still believe the tide is turning.  I still believe that one day I won’t have to spend my precious time asking whether or not something has been produced with or fed GMOs.  However until then we’re still on our own asking questions and taking it upon ourselves to cast our vote every time we opt not to purchase a product that has been touched in any way with genetically engineers ingredients.

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