Trying not to beat myself up

It’s one thing to know something is unhealthy from news that filters down and another to sit down, research and write about it.  As I was researching the harmful effects of GMOs and pesticides in foods I let my mind go to a place that’s simply not helpful.  I think back on my son’s first two years and know that he consumed pesticides and GMO foods and it makes my heart hurt.  I think about the CSA I didn’t question and all the fruits and vegetables I fed him.  I think about the chicken and turkey that were staples in our diet when I didn’t know I needed to ask what they were fed.  He was so little and took the food I gave him with unquestioned trust as his body developed at such a rapid pace.  I can’t help to think that I failed in giving him the best building blocks possible and hope with my whole being that he is spared any harmful affects.

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