Another tick for Australia

Living with three Aussie citizens I often daydream about what it would be like to live Down Under.  Mild weather year round, laid back, easy going mentality and a very yummy accent.  So last night as I was figuring a way out of this GMO madness I starting wondering about the role they play in Australian food sources.  While GMOs have made their way into their food supply, mainly in the form of corn and cottonseed oils as well as imported processed foods, it has not infiltrated their food sources to the extent it has here in the States.  And yet GMO labeling has been Australian law since December 2001:

GM foods and ingredients (including food additives and processing aids from GM sources) must be identified on labels with the words ‘genetically modified’, if novel DNA and/or novel protein from an approved GM variety is present in the final food.  GM foods must also be labelled if they have altered characteristics…” –

Australia is not at the point we are with regards to the prevalence of GMOs in their food supply yet they are years ahead when it comes to truth in labeling.  Long ago the government decided to honor their citizens by giving them the right to know and to choose whether or not they want to be part of this GMO human experiment.

Kudos to the Australian Government and another tick on the pro side for the Aussie way of life!

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