GMO fatigue

Lately it seems all my efforts are focused on GMOs and I’m tired.  Everywhere I turn they’re staring me down.  Here’s the challenge of the moment:

GMO free deli meat.  Is there a deli turkey out there that I can put in my children’s sandwiches that was not raised on GMO soy and corn feed?  If you know of one please let me know.  Whole Foods deli counter doesn’t have it, it’s not Applegate Naturals (and the organic line is difficult to find) and it’s not at any local grocery stores or markets where I live.  What I’m being told over and over goes something like this: Due to the prevalence of the GMOs in the commodity grain market, and the  limited availability of verified non-GMO feed, we cannot require the  use of only non- GMO feed for animal products. That was part of the response I received from Whole Foods regarding their Fresh Fields deli turkey breast.

I put the question out to our local Mothers’ Club and no one had an answer.  One savvy mom did have a solution.  She bought a meat slicer and slices her own sandwich meats from organic chicken and turkey breasts.  How my husband will love another incidental expense!

And then there’s the campaign for truth in labeling which should be a post of its own.  California is on the brink of passing legislation that would require products that use GMO ingredients to be labeled as such.  Sounds fair and logical and yet it’s being fought tooth and nail by the big biotechnology companies.  Such truth in labeling would save me a valuable time.  I don’t even want to count the hours I spend emailing companies, farms, local sources, etc inquiring about their use of GMOs.  If only there was a label on the deli meat or poultry…what a novel idea!

But my question is how do we reverse the tide?  With answers such as “due to the prevalence of GMOs in the commodity grain market” and elsewhere, GMO labeling is simply the first step.  My hope is that once labeling is the law, and I do believe we’re on the brink of it happening, then consumers will see how prevalent they are and choose to leave those products on the shelves.  In time will this lead us back to leaving things as nature intended?  I hope so because this is simply exhausting…

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