A reminder why I’m on this whole foods journey

Today I was reading through email posts from our local mothers’ group when I came across the following post, Kashi Cereal Stirs Anger – Exposed by Small Rhode Island Grocer.  To make a long story really short (but here’s the long one if you’re interested) the owner of The Green Grocer in Portsmouth, Rhode Island found out that the soy in Kashi cereals is genetically modified to protect it from the herbicide Roundup which is a weed killer.

It’s so important to understand that something labeled “all natural” is not regulated and essentially means nothing.  Although this story first broke back in April it’s simply a reminder why I buy the least amount of processed and packaged foods possible.  Simply, you have more control over what goes into your body when you make it yourself.  And if that’s not reason enough consider all the non-renewable energy it takes to process, package and deliver these goods to you.  It’s another reason why truth in labeling is so important.  Consider adding your name to the following efforts: The Cornucopia Institute, Food Democracy Now, and Non-GMO Project to join the movement.  Thanks!

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