Two days later…

and our garden is almost completed.  Yesterday I visited the HERB FARMacy in Salisbury, MA and what a great place!   They are a local, certified organic plant farm that I came across at the Newburyport Farmers’ Market.  So the bed is ready to go and I know what we want to have in it but I have no idea how to design it.  Well Rita at the HERB FARMacy took care of that quick.  She sat down with me in one of the greenhouses, took one look at my vegetable list and within minutes a design was mapped out.  It’s so clear that she loves her plants taking great care to educate me on how to care for each.  Did you know that tomato leaves don’t like to touch the soil?  I left the HERB FARMacy feeling so empowered!  It was painstaking to return home in the rain and not be able to plant them straight away.  But dinner needed to be made and bed time rituals trumped heading out to the back yard.

With this morning came more rain but despite the weather I couldn’t contain myself.  This is telling in itself since I am not one that likes to dance in the rain, I don’t understand the lure of camping and my hair is pretty much a barometer, and yet I could think of nothing more exciting to do on a rainy Tuesday morning than to go get wet and plant a garden.  So out my son and I went.

We measured, mapped with rocks and began planting.  About 30 minutes later the plants were in.

Design plan for our 4′ x 12′ garden:

Please forgive the incorrect spelling of tomato…

Finishing touches to do list:

  • 4 8 ft. stakes for the tomatoes.
  • 3 1 ft. stakes for the peppers.
  • Twine for tomato plants and making a stick teepee for the cucumbers.
  • Salt Marsh Hay for the tomato plants so the leaves don’t touch the soil.  Brown paper bags, newspapers & magazines work as well as long as they are printed with soy based or other eco-friendly ink.  You can also cover your whole garden with it to help water retention.
  • And some sort of fencing around the bed although I haven’t figured that one out yet.

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