All CSAs are not created equal

Two years ago I was thrilled to learn that our local farm was going to offer it’s first CSA.  This farm had been my “go to” for produce from May – November.  I used to anxiously await the email announcing they were open for the season and now they were going to offer a CSA.  How excited I was to support our local farm and become more a part of the community!  I signed us up without thinking twice.  We blindly enjoyed two seasons with them and then I started asking questions. The most important one being:

“Do you use pesticides?”
“Yes” was the answer.
“Damn” was my response.

I’m so conscious about purchasing organic and pesticide free in grocery stores and have asked at other local farms so why didn’t I question it here?  And while I know this farm’s offerings are much healthier than so many alternatives, the mere thought of all the strawberries and apples I fed my children simply makes me cringe.  So with this new information I was on the hunt for a new CSA and thankfully it didn’t take long to find one.  So in a few weeks we’ll head over to a neighboring town and support a farm that’s seeking its organic certification.  I’ll keep you posted.

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