Ready to make DIRT!

When we purchased our home a compost bin came with it.  It has sat empty for the past four years.  Each spring when the local farms burst with produce and my trips to the grocery stores are few and far between, I look at that bin and feel guilty that I have yet to take the leap.  Well no more…it’s time to make DIRT! 

Growing up we had a compost pile and I remember each night after dinner one of us making the trek (okay, short walk) across the back yard, into the brush and next to the stone wall to dump the unusable dinner scraps onto the pile.  There didn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason but all the produce we couldn’t use eventually made it’s way there.  I can’t recall ever using it but I have no doubt my parents did.  I’ll have to ask…

Onto the computer I went.  Researching, sifting through the information and finally decided it’s time.  So I washed out the bin, placed some small branches at the bottom and threw in my first batch of produce scraps and dried leaves.  As I continue to layer I trust Mother Nature will take care of the rest.  Here’s hoping I’m making dirt!

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