Earth friendly dry cleaning is as easy as opening the front door

Today we had a pleasant, surprise visit from a dry cleaning company.  I met Gene from Nor’east Cleaners who explained that they’re in our town two days a week for pick-ups and drop offs.  Dry cleaning service without leaving home or having to make another stop with my toddler…perfect!  But the real bonus is they’re as eco friendly as a dry cleaning service can be.  How do they do it?

100% non-toxic
100% non-hazardous
100% biodegradable

They also give you a choice of garmet bags: 100% biodegradable or Reusable Nylon.  And they do starch the old-fashioned way with food grade corn starch (hmm wonder if it’s non-GMO).

So despite my challenges the past couple weeks with trying to keep my family as healthy as possible while being considerate of the Earth, this visit came as a much-needed boost.  If dry cleaning is a must, and for my husband it is, then at least I can support a local company who is committed to doing what they do with the least amount of environmental impact as possible.

I like to think it’s the Universe encouraging me, a pat on the back, a high five (or “pound it” as my children will say), letting me know it’s conspiring to support me.  So I’ll take this gift gratefully and run with it.  Tomorrow they will pick up a few of my husbands shirts and I will keep my fingers crossed that they return in great condition and pass the grade when Chris puts the first one on and heads out to work.

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