Beef bravado?

First farmers’ market of the season has arrived!  As we walked around visiting vendors there was a sense of anticipation in the air.  Could everyone else sense the bountiful potential that will soon be upon us as the season gets underway?  Or was it only me all giddy that finally, FINALLY feeding my family in a healthy, non-toxic way that sustains the Earth would be a lot less taxing and stressful during the upcoming months?  Anyway as we were walking along I came to a booth that sells 100% grass fed beef. Oh the giddiness at it’s peak!  The vendor was talking to another woman and as I eased my way into the conversation something felt off.  While the beef was exactly what I’ve been looking for the vendor himself turned me off.  Can it be possible to be pretentious about beef? Yes! And his beef was over $9/lb.  I have no problem paying extra for the quality of food I seek but $9+/lb?  It seems a bit excessive.  So despite the price tag and my feelings toward this vendor, who was clearly quite smitten with himself and his beef, I purchased a pound.  And while this evening it made for great tacos, I think I may stick with Whole Foods’ 100% grass fed beef, save myself $1.50/lb and wait patiently for our local farm raised beef to arrive at $3.50/lb.

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